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Tips and Tools: Why does WINDOW SEAT and BALCONY time matter?

I have come to appreciate that my perspective is the result of my life experiences + my life learnings + my meaningful relationships.

The common word is my. The view from my space is meaningful and yet it is limited and limits me from growing in my own self awareness and the awareness I have of others and how we interact together. This limitation often leads to conflict as when focused on my , 'my', of course I am right!

The WINDOW SEAT allows me to look within and to consider how what I value and what I am called to do align or where there needs to be some tweaking in my outlook, attitude and behaviours. This is the journey to integrity. I love how Dr Henry Cloud describes Integrity - 'the courage to meet the demands of reality'! Reflect on that a moment.

The BALCONY offers you the head space to look at what you do as an organization from a different perspective. Rather than being caught up in all that is surrounding you and pressing in on you, you now can look from a higher perspective that reveals so much more of what is going on. As a leader these are the activities you need to be aware of and only one step ahead of.

Why does this matter? You have been created and called to accomplish a purpose that is so much bigger than yourself as you seek to lead and serve others.

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