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Intentionally inspiring leaders to focus, reflect, and take bold action

Ruth Esau, Author

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What-if Leadership Journal, the intentional pursuit of being, knowing and doing

Every leader who has taken the time to define who they are, and what they truly value, knows the power that has to influence and move people forward. What-if Leadership Journal is not an easy read. It is a thought provoking, life enriching opportunity to become all you were created to be. You will discover the richness of who you are and how to integrate that into all you do. As you become deeper and more connected with who you are and what you value, you will find the freedom to invest in others and entrust leadership to them for dynamic sustainability and ongoing growth.

Available on Amazon or submit your contact information below and I will get in touch with you.

In the works:

  • Shifting Perspectives, Jesus Through  a Leadership Lens - February 2, 2022 release date

  • Transformative Facilitation Manual - Participant


 Values Inspired Living Cards 


These cards can be used to define what you value most.

The exercise creates space for teams to acknowledge and define the

values that keep them focused and inspired.

Values Inspired Living Cards are available by requesting

further information on the contact form below under Resources.

 Leadership Reflection Tools 


A myriad of leadership reflection tools are available for developing and increasing your leadership skills and way of being by filling out the contact form below and checking Resources.

 Leadership Development Blog 


The focus of our Blog is for leadership development of yourself and your leaders. Each Blog will present a theme, some reflective questions and an opportunity to move this information into your context and leadership way of being. These blogs are great for Team meetings to get everyone thinking together.

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