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 Our Philosophy 

  • We believe that any endeavour that has reached any of its’ potential has people who catch the future and are able to step out to move the people and the organization towards a preferred future.

            They are called Leaders.

  • We believe that as we move through life and seek to become all we were created to be, we influence those around us.

            This is Leadership.

  • We believe that the imprint of our Leadership is only as deep as we are willing to be developed ourselves. Leadership is to be a journey of knowing ourselves, knowing others and together living and leading through the situations that arise and towards the preferred future we seek. We are called to work with, and through others.

            This is Leadership Development.

We believe that healthy curiosity and life long learning are the hallmarks of leadership development. These hallmarks are about embracing truth that changes us and engaging in growth as we seek to combine knowledge and wisdom and then to entrust to others what we have received and learned. Learning from both our success and our failure.


Leadership Development is a dynamic process that demands focus, reflection and bold action that emphasizes growth over knowledge and learning.  Each aspect of transformative leadership development has purpose for creating a space for growth that allows for grappling with challenges, opportunities, embracing new ideas, perspectives, proven leadership tools, new approaches and accountability through trusting relationships.


 Inspired to Lead Values 


  The seven main values that drive our materials, our facilitating, our coaching, our discussions and our desired outcomes.

 1. Transformative Leadership 

This is the capacity and skill to engage people where they are at, to invest in helping them grow to their full potential and to empower them through trust, delegation and accountability to become  fulfilled and successful in their endeavours both personally and professionally.

 2. Strategic Thinking 


Providing opportunities for the leader who is in the constant pressure of being out in front, moving people forward toward the vision, managing the tasks and distractions to have a safe place to apply age old leadership principles to the uniqueness of their situation in a way that fits them best.

 3. Emotional Intelligence 

 This is the knowledge and skill that gives leaders the tools to increase their performance by 58% as they come to  understand themselves, understand others, be able to read the room and to bring all three together by leading into healthy relationships and situations. Addressing EQ increases such skills as decision making, time management, communication, presentation skills, accountability, flexibility, anger management, stress tolerance, assertiveness, empathy, social skills, customer service and trust.

 4. Collaborative Exploration 

Whether it is being a part of a Leadership Development Cohort, a Workshop  or a One to One Coaching Session the focus is recognizing what each client brings to the table and how their knowledge, experience and wisdom make each discussion richer and fuller.  Collaboration at its best.

 5. Curious Questions 

 Approaching life and leadership with a heart of wonder and innocence that reaches out to others, draws them in and empowers them to explore, to find and to define their best selves on the leadership journey.

 6. Powerful Content 

Our content is grounded in the principles of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our hearts unite with others who believe in values such as integrity, trust, honesty, authenticity, the good of others, courage, community, intentionality, empowerment, learning and growth.

 7. Trusting Relationships 

Creating a safe and trusting environment where relationships can flourish, affirm and challenge one another to be all they were created to be.

 Commitment and Values 

The commitments and values are principle based embracing ( the  “WHY”) rather than methodology based ( the “HOW”). They reflect what creates a culture for transformative learning and growth, strategic thinking and positive outcomes at any level of leadership and cohort participation.

Our commitments and values serve to:

  • focus our direction - growth

  • align our behaviours

  • diminish conflict

  • create healthy dialogue

  • provide a safe environment for dynamic discussion and transformative growth

  •  a measuring tool for behaviours both personal and professional

  • creates a safe environment for trust

All of our material is founded in the leadership truths found in the Bible.

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