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 Inspiration Integration Transformation 

 Executive Leadership Development (ELD) 

ELD is offered in a customized format within an organization for Executive and Second Level Leaders. 
Book a Consultation for creating a customized list of themes and a format that will enrich your organization.


 Executive/Leadership Coaching 


The daily challenge for executives is fulfilling and yet challenging. One to One Executive Coaching allows you to step out of the daily pressure for a few moments to seek unexplored possibilities and be affirmed in your leadership. As the client, you bring the challenges and opportunities you want to discuss to the table, through a co-creative conversation, you will come to a direction you want to pursue, and together you will create a plan that will empower you and hold you accountable to what you say you want.

One to One

 Transformative Facilitator Training 

Come and learn to be an inspiring and life changing facilitator and coach. The primary focus is not on what knowledge you are gaining and what you have learned, the primary focus is on how you are embracing this knowledge in a way that changes and deepens you personally and your leadership.

Transformative Leadership Facilitation provides a transformative process that develops the confidence, competence and capacity of the leader and focuses on growth over knowledge and learning. Each aspect of the facilitator training and successive cohorts has purpose for creating a growth environment that allows for grappling with challenges, opportunities, embracing new ideas, proven leadership tools, new approaches and accountability through relationship.Transformative facilitation leads to reproducing healthy leadership into the lives of others.


 Contract Work 

Contract Work

 Speaking Engagements 


What-if inspiring speaking engagements are 20 - 30 minutes in length with curious questions to create a space for deeper engagement on the topic and to embed the learning for life and leadership change.



Book a Consultation with Inspired to Lead to discuss and craft a workshop(s) that meets the professional development needs of your people.



Ruth is available to facilitate leadership development retreats. Call for a consultation and co-creative and strategic planning session.

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