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Practical Inspiration for motivated women

 Called to Lead 

Year 1 – A seven session cohort, using the Inspiration section as found in What-if Leadership Journal.  This cohort is facilitated in the transformative facilitation format for empowering life and leadership change.

Year 2 - Six one to one executive coaching sessions covering Section 2- Integration found in

What-if Leadership Journal

Year 3 – A seven session cohort covering section 3- Transformation found in What-if Leadership Journal. This focus is on creating a sustainable environment by working with and through others to form leaders for the future.

 Leadership Savvy 

A nine session cohort for experienced and mature leaders looking for a safe place to develop, process and move forward in their leadership.

The format is the transformational facilitation model. The curriculum is established each year based on the professional development needs of the participants.

 One to One Executive or Leadership Coaching 


As women leaders we face challenges and opportunities on a regular basis. One to One Coaching gives you an opportunity to explore these in a safe and unbiased space while finding ways to understand and make decisions that face your current reality.

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