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What-if Table Talks

What-If TableTalks are based on the subject material in:

Book 1 of the Kaleidoscope Leadership Series: What-If Leadership Journal

Book 2 of the Kaleidoscope Leadership Series: Shifting Perspectives, Jesus Through a Leadership Lens

New What-If Table Talks will be available in early 2022.


 These Table Talk sessions are appropriate for work place or volunteer teams, organizations, boards,  or groups of new or experienced leaders, who want to take a fresh look at how they approach leadership and address the many facets that challenge a leader and their team.  I am confident that not only the content, but also the style of facilitation, will make a life changing impact on those who attend. 


This is a one hour format: 25 minutes of inspiring information, 20 minutes of dynamic conversation, 15 minutes of moving towards bold action.  What-if Leadership Journal, the intentional pursuit of being, knowing and doing and Values Inspired Living Cards will be available for purchase.

Fill out the form below to express interest in booking a What-if Table Talk.

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