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Tips and Tools: Emotions + Facts = Fresh Reality

As I began taking on leadership roles and responsibilities, I often heard the mantra that emotions are bad and facts are what matter. The implication was if you experienced emotions they were wrong. I have loved the place I came to as I chose to study Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence gave me understanding of the breadth of emotions we all can have, as well as the strength of our emotions. I came to understand that as I became more self-aware of my emotions I had the ability and the power to make them work for me and for the good of any situation or relationship. Check out Chapter 5 of What-if Leadership Journal to work through this concept using the BOLD tool. You will find yourself learning to give the kaleidoscope a new twist and you have the opportunity to find a new freedom.

To purchase a copy of What-if Leadership Journal, the intentional pursuit of being, knowing and doing, by Ruth Esau go to Amazon.

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