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Tips and Tools: Accountability Agreements

Sitting down with each employee to ensure there is clarity around role, expectation and accountability provides the basis for an accountability agreement. Accountability agreements bring alignment to what is expected and what is accomplished. It places the onus on the employee for their areas of responsibility with supportive accountability conversations with their supervisor. This creates a healthy framework for success and an integrated work environment built from the top down.

An accountability agreement is not the same was a job description. To check this out go to page 171 in What-if Leadership Journal available on

A few points about accountability agreements:

  • a strategic approach to individual roles within the organization

  • creates space for factual discussions based on positive and negative consequences

  • based on multiple adult relationships

  • fits the individuals strengths

  • the perspective is based on broad results

  • considers the individual responsibilities in light of the vision or big picture of the organization

  • creates a healthy culture of accountability at all levels of the organization

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