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Guest Greg Cambell

Accountability is about personal commitment not about what you say they will do!

Every strong functioning organization should have a “plan” that addresses three critical questions.

Where are we going?

Why do we want to get there?

How will we get there?

The synergy of the organization is generated by the dynamic interaction between various roles duties and responsibilities that address the “critical questions”. This is where the notion of personal accountability is a factor in moving the needle forward. Every individual has to clearly be aware of their own contribution to achieve the success of the whole. An accountable relationship requires an understanding and commitment to specific actions and goals. It also requires clearly stated expectations of what supports an individual needs to get the job done. This can only occur in the presence of clear expectations and genuine commitment to performance.

Too often we hear the phrase “management” as if there as if there should be a disconnect between roles. Successful organizations will abound in complimentary relationships where everyone is working towards stated ends. This starts with the personal ownership and responsibility of our own roles.

With Thanks to Greg Campbell. Greg is an Executive and Strategic Coach. If you are interested in his Coaching services, please fill out the contact form and indicate Greg Campbell and he will be notified of your interest.

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