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What-if you became a more curious leader?

I often wish my parents were still alive as I am intrigued by the level of curiosity I have in life. I would love to explore how much is a part of my personality and how much was the way they interacted with me.

I never thought to google curiosity until I was writing this blog, in spite of the fact I live with curiosity every day.

What was disappointing to me was so much that I googled on curiosity was simply someone else's answers for the curious questions being asked.

As I focus on Transformative Facilitation in my presentations, I love that it is based not on giving fixes and answers. It is based on building on the curiosity and wisdom in the room to come to a more well rounded thought process and answers.

What-if you learned to ask curious questions that focus on the wonder of what could be? What-if you asked questions that do not have a back load, questions that open your eyes to what you do not know, questions that cause you to realize that there are other perspectives out there to give deeper and broader understanding? In fact, you just may not know it all!

Try a curious approach and see how rich those conversations can become.

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