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Tips and Tools: Tuckman Working Relationship Model

Bruce Tuckman developed a model for team building which is also about the relational strengths within the team in order to serve our people. The following blog is on how I came to understand and use this model in the work I do.

The basic premise is that a team or group of people go through the process of FORMING once. They come together for a common purpose. There is a lot of excitement and energy that is available to shape and form the team and the work. The leader's role is to be directive in pursuing clarity.

Once formed the team moves to STORMING as it seeks to discover what it really is about and what framework will move it forward.There is a lot of discussion, tension, anticipation and distress in this stage. The leader's role is to coach the team through the drama, the dissonance to be strategic in their thinking and actions.

As the team enters the NORMING stage the people and the tasks begin to find synergy and strength in moving in the same direction. Meaningful resources are needed as the team stabilizes and their energy moves to a stronger emphasis on purpose accomplishment. The leader's role is to support the strong and positive work of the team.

The team now comes to PERFORMING where the leader's role is to be one of discernment as they call out the unique abilities and talents of the team members. The leader begins to delegate with a purpose and clarity that empowers and holds the team to accountable attitudes, behaviours and actions.

From here the timeline of the team may be to go through the process of ADJOURNING if the team has completed what it was formed for. If the team is about ongoing work the day will come when PERFORMING needs new vision and the cycle of STORMING, NORMING and PERFORMING takes place again.

The Leader's challenge is to shift their role to fit where the team is at in that cycle.

By Googling Tuckman Model you will find more resources on this great leadership development tool.

You can also book a Coaching Appointment to strategically think through where your team is at and how to take it to the next level. Fill in the Contact Form provided on and refer to this post.

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