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Worlds Worst Advice to Boomers!

For my generation we were told - "You can be anything you want to be!" This is a myth that led many people to waste investments of time and energy that could have been spent in better ways elsewhere. No matter how much I want to help out or be a technical wizard, it is not the way I was created or wired. This is not a limitation as I can always learn and up my skills and yet it means I will not be the best at resolving technical issues no matter how much I know or how hard I try. Placing all my energy to be something I was not created or wired to be is wasteful and unfulfilling.

Over the next while you will have the challenge and the opportunity to look at :

Who are you?

What do You value?

What are you passionate about?

What is your purpose or mission?

Who do you want to continue to become?

What are your frameworks for living?

Who are the people and the opportunities that resonate wIth your heart and being?

What do these look like and become in this season of your life?

How do you make the transitions?

These are questions that when answered ground us and give us purpose and direction. Over time I have discovered that as we face change of any kind, our role as leaders is to make the time to reflect on these life questions. They are our foundation and yet they also morph in how we live them out. As we face change these affirmations are what create greater resilience in us and we continue to move forward in ways that suit us best.

Many of the above concepts are also flesh out in What-f Leadership Journal available on Pick up the kindle version as an easy reference workbook.

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