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What is in a Word?

2021 is a anew blank page for us to consider what words we might write on it. Words have always been an important part of my life view. Since 2002, I have intentionally paused and taken time to listen and reflect on what word would guide my coming year. Every year was a year I knew nothing about although I made plans and had strategic intentions.

I remember in the mid 2000 having words like courage, humble courage, courageously humble, and thinking please lets get on to something new. I don't want to be aware of practicing courageous acts so much anymore!

Each year the word for the year has held incredible significance and also great affirmations at year end. This year I sense two words that are to be in my focus and reflections of life and leadership. I will share them in the coming Blogs and for today I want to challenge you to think of how a small word can inspire you, challenge you and cause you to be ready to shift as is needed.

As a word becomes more obvious to you and you will see it pop up in various conversations, as you read, as you think through a situation. Take time to define that word, to explore what the opposite of that word looks like, to gather quotes, podcasts and articles that speak to that word. Begin to pay attention to the influence the word is having on your thinking processes, your attitudes, your behaviours. Record what you are seeing and hearing and experiencing. Let that stretch you, inspire you and grow you. Share it with others to embed it in your thinking and away of being.

If you have a word for 2021, Please share it in the comments and encourage others.

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