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What-if you started the year as a more intentional leader? Of yourself first of all.

In my own journey as an executive leader and then having the privilege to coach other Executive Leaders, I have experienced and watched as the tyranny of the urgent progressively overcomes intentionality.

Intentionality starts with creating space to acknowledge what you know and to also reflect on what you possibly have missed or do not yet know that is crucial for accomplishing the outcomes you desire.

In my book What-if Leadership Journal in chapter 12, I refer to a practice that has served me well for many years. The WINDOW SEAT AND the BALCONY. These concepts go hand in hand for times of personal and professional reflection. These times are ways to create effective space for greater growth and intentionality as a leader.

Kaleidoscope Reflections:

How would you describe the reflective times you take as a leader?

What are your roadblocks to taking this time away from the busyness of your leadership role?

What resources do you have to create this space that perhaps in the urgency of leadership you have missed?

To develop this leadership rhythm what or who do you need to be accountable for and to?

To obtain a copy of What-if Leadership Journal, go to

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