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Remembering the Gift of My Time in Ukraine

Traveling to Ukraine was not a trip I had on my bucket list and yet it was a journey that changed me in so many wonderful ways.

My heart was captured and humbled by the:

  • verdant and beautiful countryside

  • rich and deep culture and history

  • warm hospitality of people everywhere

  • the deep joy

  • the hunger to know who God was

  • the generosity of spirit that gave and gave

  • the poverty of physical provisions but not of spirit

When I arrived in Lviv with the Team I was a part of, none of use knew what to expect and we were blown away by all that we received. Ukraine had most recently become free of communism which was wonderful and yet the struggle to orient themselves to this new freedom was daunting. They taught us so much by their heart and spirit.

I was humbled by the beautiful women who travelled miles to spend time with me. Hours of driving to make heart connections and find a new sister and friend in the Lord. Our conversations were authentic and open. We had a sisterhood together that longed to see other women find the One who could give them strength, wisdom and grace to live each day to the full. We laughed and cried over our differences and our sameness. Our love of family, homeland, culture, faith and life drew us together.

So much I could say and yet today my heart is broken afresh by the suffering and destruction that floods Ukraine. I pray that evil will be destroyed, that the supernatural power of the God who created each one of them will intercede and bring peace. That they will be sustained , provided for and protected by the mighty hand of God. And as I write I realize this has not happened for all of them, I pray for hope, comfort, the ability to be true to who they are and that their spirits will not be broken.

I took this trip because of an invitation from HART ( Humanitarian Aid Response Teams).

I have been privileged to watch the journey of journey with Lloyd Cenaiko from when this dream of HART began to take shape and to see it transform lives. If so need , please consider giving to the great need that they are positioned to help. Go to

For more information:

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