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The Power of Learning Relationships

Over the decades I have been privileged to be mentored, counselled, discipled and coached. To be given the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of people who had reached beyond themselves and drew the best from me.

I have loved being a mentor, discipler and coach. Each role has a particular purpose and a why and each one will be relationships that will inspire, empower and give us a healthy sense of accountability to continue to grow and to be more.

Mentors are those trusted ones that have gone before us. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. Either we see something in them that a we long to learn more about or they see something in us that we have not yet seen or appreciated about ourselves. In either case there is an attraction for becoming more of who we were created to be and learning from someone we deeply admire.

Mentoring can be formal or informal. An example of formal mentoring is found in the medical field and other learning fields, as focused information and skills are passed on and learned. An example of informal mentoring would be as young moms spend time together living and sharing their motherhood journeys and all the joys and sorrows that are ntertwined. Again passing on ideas, thoughts, skills and learning together.

Generally speaking mentoring will begin with a clear theme in mind to learn and grow in. A key part of the joy of mentoring is the quality time and conversation that is shared together. It touches on our abilities, our heart desires and our passions.

Mentoring skills can be taught and passed on, mentoring relationships are best brought together by the individuals themselves.

This is a scratch on the surface of the richness of mentoring relationships.

Reflect on your mentoring experiences either as a mentor or a mentee. Reflect on the people in your life - who do you want to learn from? Who do you want to encourage to keep growing? Give someone a call and pursue a mentoring relationship.

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