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In Honour of International Women's Day.

Respect is the master key to healthy relationships, to tough conversations, to great teamwork, to inclusion, to creating an environment for growth.

Many years ago I was encouraged to have a mentor in every decade of life. As the years have passed I have moved from the majority of my mentors being older than myself to now, most of my mentors are younger than me.

In my teens, my Mom was an amazing mentor to me and she also knew that if she encouraged me to seek out other women to speak into my life, I would be the one to benefit.

So today I pay tribute to these woman who were generous with their time, their love and their willingness to journey with me. Each one mentioned has influenced me in some way that has made me the woman I am today. Thank You. In making a list, I know in the moments of writing this, I have missed out on some. I am so grateful for each one of you. I deeply apologize if I did not capture your name below or not.

Mom, Ann, Jesse, Irene, Hilda, Dorothy, Jean, Madeleine, Isabel, Jeanette, Dolly, Judith, Tillie, Evelyn, Joyce, Margaret, Carol, Vidie, Carol, Marylee, Kelly, Deborahs ( there are 2), Wendy, Sandra, Alisa, Edith, Dulaine, Stephanie, Crystal, Kelly, Carrie, Dani, Christina, Leanne, Becky, Darlene, Laura , Karen, Heather, Cindy, Kerry, Abigail, Joanne, Esther, Kristin, Janet, Lorrie, Christine, and my precious girlies - Mel, Joy, Jas, Brianna and Rebekah.

Always remember how much we need each other to walk this journey to become all we can become. Make your list of significant others in your life. Say thank you while you can.

Who are you pouring your life into? You cannot pour into another without experiencing blessings in abundance yourself. Step out to bless and be blessed.

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