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I am hoping you have found some time to step back and breathe this summer. I know my bucket list did not get totally used nor emptied out as is the norm.

I have loved focusing on this acronym as I head into September. They are simple hooks to keep in my periphery vision and be mindful of.

P - positive emotions

E - engagement

R - relationships

M - meaning

A - accomplishments

Here are some questions to help you keep on track.

P - positive emotions

Ask Yourself: in spite of the situations I am working with , what are some of the positive emotions I can be more aware of, pursue and focus on?

A big one for me is GRATITUDE which produces joy, peace, rest and resilience in me.

What positive emotions will you pursue?

E - engagement

Ask Yourself: Where, with who and how am I embracing full engagement to keep my mind focused and clear?

For me the awareness of withdrawing is a warning sign, I need to re engage for greater energy.

What one area do you need to be more aware of to keep engagement strong?

R - relationships

Ask yourself: What am I doing to keep a healthy rhythm of relationships that fill me up and working with relationships that drain me?

For me, frustration is a key to recognizing that a I need to pursue some relationships that will keep me sharp and grounded in what is important?

Do a quick assessment of your relational drains and fillers.

M - meaning

Ask Yourself: How would I describe what is most meaningful in my life right now? What needs to shift in order to be more fully grounded in what is meaningful?

For me, guarding my daily time of reflection and meditation on what matters most to me is crucial. It gives perspective and keeps my sight lines clear.

What matters most to you and how are you building on that deep meaning and purpose?

A - accomplishments

Ask Yourself: What did I accomplish today and how does that make me feel?

For me, this is more than regurgitating my To Do list. This is stopping to acknowledge what I have actually done even if it was a day of side roads and distractions. These things take my time and energy and can also be a source of strength once I have worked through them and re-labelled them as accomplishments.

How would you describe what an accomplishment is to you and how can you continue to navigate your attitude so that you do not get derailed in the situation?

Pursue PERMA till the end of September and let me know how it has strengthened your leadership. It just Maya become aa apart of your leadership rituals.

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