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Self-Care: The Water Glass

Oh, I love this image. Water to quench the thirst deep within. Nothing quite quenches my thirst as a clear, cool glass of water.

Sometimes in all the responsibilities and work of leadership, I find myself thirsty. I find that I need to fill up what has been given out and at times drained. For me beauty does that, travel does that, a great read does that, a significant conversation does that. I have found that I make stronger contributions when I make sure those times of filling up are on my calendar rather than waiting until I am parched and dry. I look for and pay attention to what gives me that sense of, ahhh, that was good. The list is long, it varies in cost, in time and in the expenditure of energy.

What fills you up is often one of the hardest concepts for driven and busy leaders to grapple with. They work so hard that they give very little thought to what fills them and keeps them from burning out. There are times we each need to be encouraged to think about Self-care and recognize that it is not selfish at all.

If you are interested in doing some further work on Self-care that is focused from a Biblical perspective, please feel to contact me at and ask about my workbook on Self-care fo Leaders.

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