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Leading in a Gray World of Diversity

Over the next few BLOGS we will explore the themes of diversity, bias, and unity.

Gray at times is a welcome relief to stark black and white and yet it can be confusing and blurry and bring it's own kind of challenges.

I have been privileged to be exploring diversity while we pursue unity in a few work situations that has me digging deeper and harder than I have had to for awhile. Emotional Intelligence is the reminder that a we can increasingly become more self aware, other aware and in the process navigate relationships in increasingly healthier ways.

At heart I am a lover of diversity as it gives space for the creativity in people to increase. I also recognize, it creates even more space for us to want to move to black and white, right and wrong in order to make sense of what we do not know. Diversity can shrink the gray which holds possibility and moves to stark more ridged values of black and white.

There are principles of life and nature that are constant, finding them and building on them allows us to have rhythms and nuances in life without having to be the one that is right all the time. They just are. Like the laws of nature.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and so we experience seasons whether we want to or not. It is interesting that a I was raised in the interior of BC, we too experienced seasons and yet those seasons were quite different to the Alberta seasons. The principle is seasons, how those seasons appear are different and each has it's own beauty and it's own challenges.

I hope you will join me and invite some others in to this conversation as we explore diversity, bias and unity in the BLOGS ahead. Please feel free to make comments here for send theme to me at the email below. I would love to have the conversation deepened and broadened.


Coming This Fall:

Be sure and contact for further information.

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