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Leaders as Captains of Diversity

This is no simple or easy topic. I want to bring some thoughts, concepts and ideas before you that we all grapple with in our leadership worlds.

As we continue, here are a few thought provoking comments from Getting to Maybe; Westly, Zimmerman and Patton.

  • "We can act only in time and space. We can act only from who we are. This apparent limitation is actually our greatest strength.

  • It takes courage to engage and stay engaged: it takes courage to act in the absence of certainty and clarity....but as we do we engage with possibility. We engage with what may be."

In this journey we are more like captains on stormy seas than knights in shining armour riding in on our high strung steeds or leaders with 'best practices' in tow. We are more aware of our limitations as captains, of the vessel, of the crew, of our lack of control and who is or isn't in control of our safety measures, of the need for all hands on deck bringing their engaged accountable selves to the task at hand. That is the starting point and together we move forward honouring each other and making space for our differences.

As captains we:

  • chart the course

  • read the weather

  • recognize the patterns and how to adapt to the shifting conditions

  • maintain the vessel

  • hire the sailors, creating a space for them to engage, commit and be accountable for the ultimate journey

  • face the unknown with humility and authenticity

  • pay attention to the compass and the charted course

  • realign as needed

And that is about all!!

What analogy makes sense to you as you grapple with thee theme of diversity?

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