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Guest: Wendy Lowe. How I have Used Emotional Intelligence to Enhance My Leadership.

With Thanks to Wendy Lowe, Sr Pastor of NEXT Christian Community, St Albert, Alberta.

As I chair boards nationally and internationally I open meetings by asking directors to share briefly the high point and the low point of their lives since the last time we were together.

Many of these boards meet only three or four times a year and have heavy agendas. It is easy to focus on the tasks to the exclusion of developing relationship. It takes time but helps to build a connected and empathetic board team.

When we least expect it an organization can be in the ditch dealing with a crisis, and suddenly we are making hard governing choices that affect our lives. We don’t always agree on the best strategy, but my ability to truly listen to my colleague’s perspective is greatly enhanced when I know some of their heart and life. I’m more likely to manage the conflict with emotional awareness if I understand their perspective on the issue by understanding what matters to them in their life outside the board room.

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