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Every Ending Has A New Beginning

For the last number of months I have wanted to stretch to see beyond the limitations and restrictions that we all refer to time and again and I have sought to live in the wonder of what we have and seek to see what that reveals about all that life has to hand us. I fully acknowledged those restrictions have given me choices to whine, complain and fall into a victim mentality or to dig to find my inner resiliency and begin to shape it, deepen it and make it draw me forward. To focus on what I can make happen and to let go of what is way beyond my control.

For me that led me to see the people in my life as even more precious and to seek to hear their stories with fresh ears. It caused me to slow down and start to hone my listening skills, to hear the noise, the babble and the fears beneath the platitudes we have become so good at. I longed for real conversations and found them even when some of them were not very comfortable. 2020 faced me with life and death scenarios that unsettled and disturbed me and yet what I needed in those moments was right in front of me and with me. It came through my faith, my friends, my family. It came from my inner resources that needed some dusting off for such a time as this.

My prayer and wish for us all for 2021 is that we will experience the hard work of the heart expressing itself in compassion, grace, goodness, gentleness, kindness, patience, self control, love, joy and peace in greater and deeper ways.

One of my favourite quote books is the Bible. This quote has been very meaningful for me as I think of moving into a new year. "It is because of God's mercies that we have been given a new way, therefore we never give up." The Bible.

Oh yes, I did argue back on the first part of the quote until I leaned in and got it. I have been given a space to look at life through a new lens, in a new way and weigh what is of most importance as I head into 2021.

Let's embrace the new and encourage each other in this unknown journey.

Happy New Year!

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