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Calm in the Unexplainable Places

Fatigue comes from so many different sources and each one takes time and intentionality to address. Consider two forms of anxiety that are very much a part of our world right now.

Anxiety I - using your energy to focus on what is not known as if you could be the change maker for the situation.

We all have situations that come our way that are unexpected and not a part of the plan we had in mind. That is called life. COVID-19 is that in one way. We didn't even know the name and it was changing our lives in ways we were not at all prepared for. Even though we recognize that, there are times we still get stopped in our tracks and at times become overwhelmed by focusing too much on the unknown and what we have no power to change. We spin our energy and watch it diminish as we focus on what we cannot chnage and go over and over the same information again and again., hoping for a different solution. Our default buttons no longer work. COVID-19 also leads to Anxiety II.

Anxiety II - using your energy to focus on the known allowing it to paralyze us and keep us from making individual steps to move forward.

COVID-19 is that in one way as well. We know COVID-19 is here and it is a carzy limiting, diminishing situation we actually do not know enough about to make much movement forward as we have known to do in the past. We expend large amounts of energy fighting what we know in unspoken hopes something will finally give and the 'old normal' will be with us again.

A key role that a leader has, is the privilege of fulfilling what it means to be a leadership environmentalist. This is someone who provides the opportunities for their people to learn to think, to problem solve, to be strategic and calm in the midst of what we have not faced before. Paying attention to what it means to creatively empower their people and to also hold them accountable for what must be and what they are capable and called to fulfill. This takes time, reflection, intentionality, patience and wisdom.

Be the calm and common sense in a world that is spinning and calling out for stability in spite of the way things are. Pour into the lives of your people and be a part of creating a leadership environmental sustainability.

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