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Writing a New Chapter for 2020. FRESH!

Writing a new chapter for 2020!

Welcome 2020, our heads turn to fresh pages and new dreams and hope for what will be.

Inspired to Lead is venturing out to offer two new formats for leadership development: 1: Executive Leadership Development in a co-creative approach within Organizations. ELD is about developing leaders who will become united around leadership development concepts and language that will provide fresh momentum for fufilling the organizational and personal values and outcomes. Check out Executive Leadership Development on the Inspired to Lead Page.

Executive Leadership Development is presently fully booked from January to December 2020. That being said do not hesitate to ask about this new format.

2: What-if Table Talks - Table Talk workshops are based on the inspiring leadership principles and learnings you will find in my book.  These Table Talk sessions are appropriate for work place or volunteer teams, organizations, boards,  or groups of new or experienced leaders, who want to take a fresh look at how they approach leadership and address the many facets that challenge a leader and their team.  I am confident that not only the content, but also the style of facilitation, will make a life changing impact on those who attend. Check out Table Talks on the Home Page under Ruth Esau. Dates are still available into 2020.

Please feel free to contact us to book a free consultation and co-creative proposal to see your organizations leadership culture deepen and become increasingly effective.

Go to the contact form to book Ruth for a What-if Talk and Conversation.

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Honoured to be a part of an ELD Cohort! Learning so much!

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