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Closing the Book on 2019!

Closing the Book on 2019!

2019 is about ready to slip into the files of history. Take time to reflect on the accomplishments, the learnings, the joys and the sorrows of this past year. Consider who you have become in the midst of the opportunities and challenges. Are you more resilient, wiser, kinder, gentler, more patient?

What words would you use describe who you are today compared to who you were at the beginning of 2019.

Who do you need in your life as part of this journey of becoming? What will you do about it and when?

Take time to pay attention to how grateful you are and how that creates space for moving forward and not getting stuck. Give a title to your book of 2020.

Mine is FRESH! Check in January 9, to see what that means and some tips for making it a reality.


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