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Oh, I want to follow that path! My curiosity is stirred, I feel invited in to something more.

As a leader, that is what I want to do for others on the journey. I want to create a space that makes others discover their sense of wonder and feel invited in even if they can't see where it will eventually lead. I want to create a space for them to believe that we will find a place of collaboration where what we each bring to the conversation creates a newness that draws us in and that allows us to move forward together.

I want to end each day filled with the wonder that has been laid in my path. a wonder that has revealed concepts and ways that are bigger than me and led me to invite others in to be all they were created to be.

" A Leader creates a culture that invites others to embrace the vision, mission and values and to move forward together." RE

Living this way as a leader asks me to pay attention, reflect and move forward with bold action. Won't you join me in this journey?

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