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Words and concepts come to me in all kinds of ways. I usually begin watching more intentionally in December each year. Some of this began one year in the 1990's as Christmas was on the horizon, it is a favourite season for me because of what it means to me personally and I wanted to keep it fresh. I began to look at Christmas through different lenses, which led me to find a word or concept to focus on for that Christmas. It is amazing how our life circumstances can at any one time open up windows of seeing that often are new and fresh to us when we take the time to pay attention.

This year one word that kept popping up was reveal. And yes, I know kaleidoscopes, shifting our thinking, pivoting, adapting are all concepts that I embrace on an ongoing basis. They all take the ability to see. This seemed to be the flip side of the coin - reveal.

I am loving in my journalling and prayers, that unintentionally I seem to keep asking, please reveal to me..... It makes me pay attention. What did I just see that I have not seen before or that I have forgotten? It creates a space for healthy thinking and creating. It gives me opportunities for being optimistically realistic. It shows me ongoing places for learning and growth. It is life giving and dynamic.

What is helping you to have a healthy mental outlook this year? Perhaps it is a word or a phrase that gives you life. Perhaps it is something else. Feel free to share in the comments or email me how you are keeping your focus optimistically realistic.


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