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When I am Supposed to Keep Others Inspired....

In a recent leadership development session in a local not for profit organization that is brimming with great and engaged leaders, we were talking about emotional intelligence. As we started our conversation it became more and more apparent the toll that isolation, being away from the office environment, and the demand for constant pivoting has taken on healthy, compassionate leaders. It was heart filling to just put it out there and then get caught in the kind of conversations that nudged us forward. The question that came to the table was,"How do we rebuild connections, trust and authenticity when we do not get to live what is most important to us?" Oh what a great and challenging question to ponder and to navigate our away through.

Through out February I will gather some thoughts and tools together for us to consider that hopefully will provide some light on the road ahead. I invite you to add to the conversation from what is working for you. We are all learning together.

What-if Leadership Journal, is full of helpful tools and information. Check it out on

If you are are a part of an Organization that is seeking to develop a healthy staff culture that is focused in the same direction, contact me at to inquire about a free consultation and proposal for investing in your leadership team.

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