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What-if your culture was about the synergy empowerment and accountability can provide?

In What-if Leadership Journal , on page 169 you will find a matrix that presents empowerment on the vertical axis and accountability on the horizontal axis. This matrix gives a tangible way of looking at individual commitment and culture outcomes.

To quote, What-if Leadership Journal:

"Empowerment calls for a culture of strong, visionary leadership that holds the organization’s vision, mission and values or some form of statements to direct the purpose and fulfill the outcomes that are desired. This culture also recognizes the kinds of skills, abilities and outlooks that are needed to accomplish the desired outcomes. Clarity of expectations and communication is key to a healthy empowerment culture. Leadership requires emotional intelligence, knowledge, experience and wisdom. Specific abilities and skills required will vary with the purpose of the organization.

Empowerment and accountability cross over and complement each other in a healthy staff culture. I love to think of empowerment as helping others realize the very purpose they were created for in all their uniqueness. Empowerment without healthy accountability is weak and less than effective.

Accountability is the set up and the follow through that allows empowerment to be fully embraced."

During these days of COVID 19 and the challenges it presents these two principles of empowerment and accountability still apply. What changes is the context and methodology you use to keep them alive and well.

Think about pre COVID 19 and now in the midst of it as you answer the question below.

Think about what you say your empowerment culture is, describe it. How might you inspire your leaders to catch that vision and chose to be accountable for showing up and making it happen everyday?

To purchase a copy of What-if Leadership Journal; the intentional pursuit of being, knowing and doing by Ruth Esau, go to Amazon.

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