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What-if You became the leader of your time and energy?

Over this past year I reaffirmed the power of creating a values and purpose-driven grid for deciding how I would invest and spend my time and energy. This has created a refreshed sense of freedom and purpose for each activity I take part in.

It is so easy to be swayed by what others say is right for me or what our culture says is right even when I do not agree.

Knowing what my purpose, my values and my capacity are, creates an easy measuring stick to say yes or to say no.

It is not enough to major in time management, our energy is best acknowledged and addressed by creating rituals and rhythms that cause our energy to increase. Watch our upcoming Blogs for more on Rituals and Rhythms.

For more information or One to One Coaching Opportunities on how to use your time and energy, and why that matters, go to and fill out the Contact form.

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