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Reflecting on What Will Fill Those Empty Seats.

What-if you led a company where your clients, staff and volunteers raved about their experience?

Here are a few questions to begin to truly see who your audience is and how they are feeling about what you offer them:

1. What categories of numbers do you have to begin to track the information needed to reflect on the above comment?

2. Is money in and out your only measuring stick? What might be missing if this is your only measurement?

3. How are you building trust and credibility with the people you serve?

4. How would you define your relational wealth?

5. What is a meaningful next step to increase your relational wealth.

Check out Chapter 10, in What-if Leadership Journal for more information.

If you want to purchase a copy of What-if Leadership Journal; the intentional pursuit of being, knowing and doing, Ruth Esau, go to

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