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Is This the Year for Raving Fans?

What-if you led a company where your clients, staff and volunteers raved about their experience?

Who will your raving fans be in 2020?

In our age of information overload, fan loyalty has shifted in it's meaning. The Boomer generation made commitments because it was the right thing to do and they often did not ask discerning questions as often as they should have.

As you move through the generations, it appears that each generation depends more strongly on not necessarily good questions, perhaps more on just questioning. Media is full of disgruntled fans whose expectations have not been met.

Perhaps it is time to revisit what last years raving fans loved in what you did. Or perhaps it is time to realize your raving fans audience has diminished more than you realized.

Take a moment to think how you can serve those people who truly appreciate what you do?

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