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Ebook Release!

Do you ever long to be a wiser, deeper, more self-aware leader? Or do you ever wish to be a leader who has right-sized their ego so they can in turn step out with confidence and competence? Could this renewed self-assurance allow you to embrace all that is and all that could be with greater ease?

What-if you were more secure in who you were and how you lead?

What-if you had a greater ability to think more strategically and wisely?

What-if you knew how to create spaces for transformation that empower and provide effective accountability in yourself and others?

What-if Leadership Journal will lead you through knowing yourself and your leadership style more fully. You will find yourself becoming more integrated and free to pour into the lives of others for a sustainable future. Grab hold of the opportunity to grow into your leadership through the transformative steps you will take in journeying with this remarkable book.

Dear Colleague in Leadership,

In November, 2019, What-if Leadership Journal was published and launched. This book has come from over 40 years of learning, living and facilitating leadership development with exploring, emerging, established and experienced leaders. The principles of Inspiration, Integration and Transformation have been proven in many contexts and organizations. Starting from a leaders personal development, to how they integrate who they are and what they do into the organization they serve and finally wisdom for how to pour into the lives and leadership of those they lead for a sustainable future.

I am thrilled to announce that What-if Leadership Journal is now available in EBook format. I am inviting you to purchase your copy and begin a challenging and rewarding journey in your own leadership development, no matter where you are at presently. Please consider purchasing a copy for your self and for other leaders like yourself who you know are hungry to keep growing and developing and passionate about passing leadership on to others. Make the most of this opportunity for growth and development.

I have three asks:

  1. Purchase your copy of the Ebook.Available on popular EReaders such as Kobo, Kindle, Nook etc.

  2. Pass this information on to your Colleagues who are fulfilling leadership roles.

  3. Consider posting a review of What-if Leadership Journal on

What-if Leadership Journal is available on amazon world-wide.

And one invitation:

1. During these stressful and unusual times consider signing up for One to One Executive or Leadership Coaching at

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