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What's New?

When we think of the term 'What's New?' our mind normally goes to something that holds a sense of anticipation.

Today, March 29, 2020, we all are experiencing that life is not the normal we knew, nor can we anticipate what we once took for granted.

The ability to adapt, to flex, to embrace unsought after change is now our normal. We are called to live not knowing what is next when in reality that has been our lives, we just don't chose to acknowledge that when life seems normal. We are called to shift our perspectives, to be prepared to shift again and again.

What's new has been immediately about what is being postponed, cancelled, rearranged. My life has been built on, with, for and through people. How do you do people work when people are to be avoided. I love the hope, resiliency and determination that arises once we get passed the seemingly impossible.

So, What's New:

Personally, I have signed up for some courses to keep my head fresh and in the game. I have created a rhythm that creates a fresh sense of normal, I am pursuing new ways of staying in touch and offering encouragement, I am daily practicing and mastering looking fears in the face and right sizing it so I do not become paralyzed. I am a woman of faith and so my daily rhythms include meaningful time with my God, who gives hope for this moment.

Professionally, much of my work that has not been postponed or cancelled is on Zoom or What's App or other platforms. I will be sending out invitations for some leadership conversations in the next while. I am anticipating and working towards how my work will unfold in the Fall.

I am available for One to One Coaching. I would love it, if you would message me any leadership themes that would be of interest to you.

I invite you to stay in touch, either respond here or send me an email at

" Training your mind to name and acknowledge your emotions creates a powerful synergy for positive movement forward!"

Stay Well and Practice Gratefulness, Ruth

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