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The Spirit of Christmas - Gifts of the Heart

The Gift of Respect!

And so for those of us traditionalists: the turkey has been eaten, the stockings hung and unhung, the gifts exchanged and we have come through a Christmas like no other.

As I write this, I have no idea what Christmas will bring or what the New Year will ring in. What I do know is that I want to be a leader that recognizes and influences each one I meet with respect and dignity. I so long for leaders that command my respect and I want to strive to be that kind of leader. A leader who values each person that comes into my circle of influence. I want to look them in the eye, listen to their stories, learn alongside them with great delight and send them on their way sensing at a deeper level their value and worth.

I challenge you as a leader as you face another year that is unknown that you will seek to find your values and stability grounded in Someone that is bigger than yourself. Find your foundation of faith that you can serve and that serves you well.

Our lives are challenged and often filled with hard choices, who will you turn to for wisdom and stability? I invite you to find someone who is willing to share their faith journey with you and together be the light that changes our world.

If you want to explore or re-discover more about what a journey of faith looks like feel free to give me a call:

PS. I would love to hear some themes you would like addressed in my me some ideas. Perhaps you have some thoughts to share, give me a shout and let's talk.

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