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The Spirit of Christmas - Gifts of the Heart

As leaders our hearts are drawn to be involved in something that is bigger than ourselves. Whether I serve in the faith community or other communities, I find the same longing to make a difference in this world. Christmas is one of those times of year that our hearts and minds more naturally turn to matters of faith. Faith makes us aware in many different ways of concepts like joy, wonder, gratitude and respect that are all so much bigger than ourselves and so worthy of building upon. In this December series I want to share the importance of these gifts from my foundation of faith.

The Gift of Joy!

2020 leading up to December has not been a year where natural joy bubbled and spilt over to others. In your leadership role, you may have found it a hard choice to dig down deep and find any joy at all. Perhaps you have depended on others to find the joy and share it with you.

As a leader, where does your joy come from? Happiness rises and falls with the quality of our situations to satisfy our hearts. Joy is an inside job that depends on who you believe in, what you believe and where your source of strength rests. In my experience of walking with Jesus, I have found He has been the one to fill me with the fullness of joy even when my circumstances were bleak. Each of us is on a journey of a spiritual nature and when things are tough we seem to look for a grounding to bring stability.

My faith has served me well in finding joy, and taught me so much about who I am and my place in the world, for which I am most grateful.

If you are looking for a spiritual conversation feel free to contact me and let's share our stories of faith.

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