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The Ever Learning, Rarely Growing Challenge

Why a challenge?

In being a part of a number of conversations where I have heard about the podcasts listened to, the books read, the UTube videos watched and the conferences attended, the curious wonderment side of my brain started to go ding, ding.

At first it was a fleeting thought of how inadequate I was in the life long learning arena, then it was how do you absorb all that and become a better person because of it? How can or do you take all those learning hormones and allow them to grow you?

In my younger years I was always so impressed with the quantity of learning some people accomplished. And yet as I matured and became more settled in my identity, I recognized it wasn't the quantity as much it was the attention to what caught my eye, what I took time to reflect on and put in my context , what I embraced that created growth in me that was really of most importance.

I lay before you the challenge to look at how much learning you have done in the last season and then to acknowledge, record and reflect on what in all of that actually has created transformation or change in your character, the way you approach things, how you do things and most importantly why you do what you do. Challenge yourself to look beyond what you know to who you have become and what you do.

I would love to hear from you. I'd love to hear how this challenge went for you.

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