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Life Long Learning - I Can't Get Enough

Life long learning is an admirable journey to potential growth. We live in an age and a culture where life long learning is admired, encouraged and readily available.

Have you ever had that feeling as you were reading, listening, watching or trying something that your heart begins to pound and you just want to jump up and down, YES! YES! WOW! I love that, I want more and I want to absorb it so I don't forget it! When learning is rich and deep and full of aha moments, we just can't get enough, fast enough or soon enough. Secretly or openly we want to absorb it and just sink into it and have it change us, transform us, create beautiful growth in us.

When was the last time you felt that way? What needs to happen in your life to find that joy of learning and growth together again? We are a month out from one of the most frantic times of year, a time of year that often catches us by surprise at the myriad of expectations that almost, or at times swamp us. Make this month the month to create space in your head and your heart to experience a different December when it gets here. Perhaps in this pre December Season that is still controlled by COVID, we can find a new way to face the December pressures and stresses.

One of my favourite workshops to facilitate is, Triumphing Over Inner Conflict based on the book, The Anatomy of Peace, by the Arbinger Institute. A challenging look at pride, EGO and how to move beyond an EGO driven life. Learn to recognize EGO at work in you by the feelings it stirs within you, learn to move into a values inspired state of living. Learn to see the harmful decisions you make when it is based on being superior to, or having a sense of inadequacy or feeling you deserve more or feeling you have to appear in a certain way.Learn to make the decisions for what you do by your values rather than your EGO.

What's the tie in to life long learning and December, you ask? This work will give you a deeper understanding of how and why you make decisions and how and why you may end up with too much on your plate. Perhaps this learning in November will create a more harmonious December when you get there. Give it a try.

Chapter two in What-if Leadership Journal gives you another viewpoint on Pride and EGO. If you don't have a copy, check it out on in paperback or Ebook formats.

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