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Book Excellence Awards Review

In What-if Leadership Journal, author, Ruth Esau, examines inspirations and roadblocks to success and explores how to implement her advice to transform into an effective leader. The book is based on real-world experiences, making use of Esau’s mentorship skills and grounding the author’s thinking and theory in reality. What-if Leadership Journal prompts the reader to commit to pursuing better working-practices with regards to leadership. Esau adopts a narrative writing style which allows the author’s personal voice and expertise to come through. Not only does this make the book more entertaining, but this style of writing also makes it easier for the reader to absorb Esau’s advice and apply it to their own life. What-if Leadership Journal employs questions which encourage the reader to take the time to contemplate their answers and improve their leadership skills.This is a leadership book with a personal touch, helping to engage the reader on their journey to becoming a better leader. 

– Review by the Book Excellence Awards

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since I became a published author. Book two. "Embracing Influence" is well on its way and will be available in 2021. Early in 2021, I will be working on Version 2 of What-if Leadership Journal. The focus will be to flesh out some of the work in greater measure as well as seeking to truly make it a cross cultural work on transformative leadership principles.

Learning to be an author has been a rich, at times frustrating and rewarding journey. I am grateful for those who paved the way, challenged and encouraged me all along the way.

If you have read it or worked with it, please leave a review hreee or on Amazon for others to consider. Thank You.

What-if Leadership Journal is available in paperback and Ebook on Amazon and other platforms.

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