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The Bread and Butter Plate

The bread and butter plate is filled with all the things you do not really have to think about, you just do them and they are significant and necessary. If they do not get looked after they have the potential to create a tidal wave of ripples that will affect your effectiveness and peace of mind.

This may take a little more reflection because they just come naturally. Start by making a list of all the things you do that you never write on your calendar. These activities take time and energy. Perhaps there will be an aha moment of why you are weary all the time as these are untracked time and energy users.

What are your observations? How would you describe the time these activities take? How would you describe the amount of energy you expand doing these activities? What conclusions and bold action do these bread and butter activities require from you. When will you do this and who will you make yourself accountable to for these changes?

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