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Self-Care: The Utensils

The utensils we use every day provide a form of rhythm that can give some clear guidance while practicing some meaningful reflection.

The fork we hold firmly in hand as we dig in to the food in from of us. We use it to move our food from the plate to our mouths. It is the utensil that is used the most. If the tines are bent of crooked they can do us harm.

The knife is a symbol of a tool that allows us to cut. To cut out what is not good for us or to cut our food into bite size pieces so we do not choke. Take a moment o consider what you might need to cut out of your day or make it more manageable in size to eat.

The spoon, although it would bee a rare adult who wants to be spoon fed, there are times for all of us that we can use some help. Where might you be more effective today if you chose to ask for help in a certain area.

We all have utensils that serve as tools to ease what we are doing, reduce stresses and make us more collaborative and effective. Which one(s) could serve you best today?

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