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Self-Care for Leaders: What's on Your Plate?

Summer is a great time to reflect on where your leadership life and framework is at and do some assessing and setting new strategic intentions in place for the Fall season.

This full exercise is in chapter 11 of What-if Leadership Journal. We will be working at it one piece at a time through out the summer and if you can't wait check it out in my book.

We are going to use a British place setting as a metaphor for assessing our lives and seeing if we have all the components in place to experience a healthy rhythm of life that keeps us moving forward.

Take a few moments to reflect on everything that is on your plate. In other words all the things you are responsible for whether it is at home, at work, volunteering or any place else you hold responsibilities.

Keep adding to this list as you remember responsibilities through out the week.

Once you have listed all that you can think of, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What did you observe about your dinner plate?

That's it! Now that is probably the easiest part of what we will tackle so sit back and relax and next week we will look at another item in our place settings.

You can access a hard copy or an Ebook on

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