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When Summer's End Stares Us in the Face.

I have heard the disappointment from many of a summer not quite what they expected or necessarily wanted.

  • the wild and crazy weather

  • shifting vacation plans

  • unexpected demands of time and energy

  • too many family and friends facing life crises

  • summer plans not nearly as finalized as they could have been

  • learning to navigate what to let go of and what to hold on to

Perhaps this summer has brought you face to face with the tension of disappointments and the energy it takes to make plans come to be during challenging times. Once again you found yourself having to shift your outlook or your circumstances around a situation and then help others to make that shift too.

Perhaps the greater underlying challenge was coming face to face with what you truly are valuing in the moment and what was happening around you.

Sunflowers are an interesting flower by design. Earlier this summer as I transplanted a sunflower, I realized I planted it facing the fence. As I looked at it facing the wrong way, I debated digging it up again and repositioning it. I chose not to in that moment. The next day the sunflower was no longer facing the fence, it was lifting it's face to the sun. It became upward and outward focused all on it's own as it looked for the light.

This reminded me of our role as leaders, to constantly know the source of light that will show us the way to move forward. This source of light is usually found in our vision, mission and values.

As you consider this final week of August make some time to stop and reflect on where you want to lead your team this next year, how will you do that and why is that important to you and for the organization. If thinking it through with someone else would be meaningful, treat yourself and give me a shout to book a One to One Coaching Session at an end of summer price.

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