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The Language of GROWTH in Diversity




Pay Attention


This is just a glimpse of the language of GROWTH in the midst of diversity. GROWTH generally creates a positive picture in our minds. Wow! the mighty tree in the picture amazes us when we think it came from a tiny acorn.

The diversity we face shows up in the myriad kinds of seeds to be planted that will produce so many different results. The kind of soil needed, the varying amounts of sun and shade, moisture and fertilizer. As my garden is just at the beginning of our season, I am amazed at the joy I feel at the first sprouts of green I see. I am also amazed at the wonderings and doubts I feel at what has not yet appeared or will it grow the way it could.

The GROWTH comes as I become aware of the season and the timing for placing each seed in the ground. This year some new seeds I bought needed scoring as our season is not long enough for the outer shell to break down and for growth to happen in our growing season. GROWTH comes as I pay attention to what each seed needs and then as I practice persistence until the fruit is born. GROWTH comes as I remove obstacles that create resistance to GROWTH. I nurture the soil, I pull the weeds, I remember to water regularly, I prune the excess. Repeat time and again.

The strange and lovely concept is that no matter what your leadership role is you too are a gardener of sorts. You create the culture, you hire the right people for the right role, you engage your people and give them strong and noble accountability to stay the course. You have bold conversations with deep humility. All of this to draw together the beauty of the diversity in each person entrusted to your leadership and to accomplish the calling of your organization. You are the one who keeps the direction clear and the focus sharp as you see the results of your labours come to fruition.

Essence Leadership Cohort 2022/23

If you are a woman of faith and serve in a leadership role, this is your invitation to join us for this next Cohort experience. There are two spaces left to fill. Will you join us or pass this information on to someone you know who would benefit from having leadership companions on their journey?

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