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What's your Challenge?

2022 we are here with you, no wiser today than yesterday as to what you will hold or how we will have to adapt or shift at any given moment.

To those of you joining me today, I recognize responding to a BLOG and its curious questions is not always kosher or well received.

AND I go with curiosity....

Please respond to one or more of the following questions and let me know what you are being challenged with? Let's take this journey together.

  1. What are the questions that keep popping up when you think of your work life?

  2. Would you say the inner questions prove more of a challenge to your energy or do your circumstances? Explain.

  3. What is your best word of encouragement or advice for others in leadership roles right now?

I anticipate some great responses for us to consider as we head through this new year of opportunity and challenge.

A note to ponder:

" A leader is a person who must take special responsibility for what's going on inside, inside their consciousness, lest the act of leadership create more harm than good." Parker Palmer

Please feel free to respond here on the BLOG or at or fill in the form at

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