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What Do I Value?

For any of you who have been a part of my leadership development world, you will know my heart when it comes to embracing a values driven life and leadership.

Values are one way of creating an intentional approach to who we are and the way we work. They give us the foundation for living an integrated life or being a person of integrity. Sometimes naming our values is a challenge and yet the greater challenge is living our values so there is an integration between what wee say and what we do. This is a life long journey of intentionality.

Here is a scenario to think about and how you can lead with greater integrity. Consider the value of having 'the open door policy'. So many of us have been taught that we need to have an open door policy. We tell our people they can come to us at anytime with any concern. This buys us favour in the short term and causes a lot more mental, emotional and energy draining work in the long term. Think with me about creating a culture where all are given the opportunity to develop their thinking skills.

In my work one of my strategic intentions is to create space for people to think rather than put the issue on someone else's desk. I want to raise up thinking employees, staff and volunteers. It is also interesting that these are skills that can be taught and refined as you raise children as well.

What does that look like?

It starts by providing tools that are shaped together in relationship followed by training for empowerment in action and consistent accountability. When your people have a concern provide them with a way to think through the situation, a way to think outside the box they find themselves in. That means in preparation for coming to you, they will practice a time of reflection by noting the following about the situation they want to bring to your attention:

  1. Their perspective

  2. Their roadblocks

  3. Their opportunities

  4. Their judgements about what is happening, about themselves and about others

  5. What they know for sure

  6. Their desired outcomes

This then is the beginning of an open door conversation that has the greater potential to move forward together.

Try it and see what happens!

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