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Boundaries, Frameworks, Dividing Line!

Language is a powerful motivating or demotivating force in our lives. This picture of barbed wire is what the word boundaries conjures up in my mind! Boundaries shouts to me, keep out, stay your distance, no room for you and yet that is not how I want to live my life.

For those who know me, you know that I love to work and live within frameworks which say to me that they are there to provide for you and I, and to protect you and I. The concepts are so similar and yet the end result can be very different if the language does not resonate or motivate.

We all require a sense of what holds us, what provides for us and what protects us. Our values are the basis for this knowledge while decision making and frameworks enhance our living.

Think of a framework like a picture frame that:

:protects the outside edges of the picture

: makes the picture itself taut and smooth as possible

:enhances what thee picture is all about

: creates a space that holds and protects the picture

: gives an open space of freedom

: each framework is unigue to the picture it holds

A picture frame may not be a totally accurate metaphor, yet it allows us to understand that when there is a framework that suits the situation we have the freedom to move freely within that framework and achieve what is most important.

Consider just a few of the following frameworks in your life.



Time and Energy expenditure


Set aside some time to reflect on where those frameworks are in great shape and where they are doing what they are intended to do?

Reflect on where you see gaps that you need to address to create a life that can flow with whatever comes your way.

What can and will you do to have healthy frameworks that serve your purpose and calling and allow you to be the best you can be?

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