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The Tensions for Leader as Facilitator

Just like a water droplet landing on the smooth surface of a pond, your words as a Facilitator land on an unknowing space with unknowing repercussions.

Being a leader who acts as a facilitator is exhilarating and challenging in the best of ways. As a leader you are most often in the in between of personalities, comfortable ways of being, cultural norms, personal beliefs and levels of authority and power. The roulette of leadership are the people in each situation. This is the beginning of the tension you face was you step into the role of facilitator of information, knowledge, expectations, and desired outcomes.

In the weeks ahead we will examine some of those tensions.

Tensions like:

Knowledge and Growth

Power and Authority

Methods and Principles

Who I Am and Who I Am Not

Inner Inspiration and Outer Motivation

Presence and Content

Character and Ego

My Perspectives and My Wake

Either/Or and Both/And

And there may be a few more........

The last chance to register for Essence Leadership Cohort ( for emerging and establishing women serving in leadership roles) is Monday, October 25, 2021.

Contact me at or fill out the contact form at Ruth and let m eek now your interest.

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