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Part Six: The Tension Of Anticipation and Expectation!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Anticipate: You’re excited for what the future holds, but you don’t try to control it.

Expectation: You try to predict the future and restrict your happiness to one outcome.

Always be excited about the possibilities. Never be entitled to them." James Clear

Over time I have grappled with these two concepts and have tried to bring clarity to the difference in the concepts and in the results.

Think with me as you filter this through your context.


Focus on the what, what has to be done. It narrows our vision to accomplish the tasks in front of us. If we neglect to pay attention, it is easy to narrow ourselves to one expectation that tends to demand that there is only one way. We can become trapped.

Take a moment to think when your focus on expectations and neglecting to pay attention pushed you into a corner that became restrictive.


Focuses on what lies ahead and allows space for possibilities and potential. Anticipation throws the door open to freedom of choice while heading in the direction for desired outcomes.

Take a moment to think when your focus was filled with anticipation. How did that make you feel? Describe the sense of energy you experienced and the resulting accomplishment you had.

In what ways can you shift your mindset from expectations that constrain and disappoint to anticipation that frees and fulfills by desired accomplishments.

Who do you need to encourage by who you anticipate they can be rather than by expecting what they will do?

Expectations versus Anticipation, make your choice!

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